Bosch GmbH is a brand from the Germany. It's a well-known brand that every household should at least have one of their Product/Services. Bosch Power Tool is one of, if not the most popular and go-to choice in the Power Tool Department. Hence, Bosch Range of Products model can range into many different categories for different sectors, Here's some :

Though at first, Bosch Models seem very confusing at first, but after much explanation it is actually pretty well catergorised!

After you begin to notice their models well enough, you can even get to know abit more about the tool just based on the Model Number! This allow you to be able to choose your products easily (Just by seeing the model no.)


Bosch Model Decdoed_Description





Each Bosch Model always start with 3 distinct letter at the start. You can see the table on the left side for reference. ALL of Bosch Blue Professional Range start with a "G" which is compared to their Green DIY Range which starts with a "P' instead.

The only EXCEPTION is the Outdoor, DTECT scanners and also the DLE Laser measurement. 

After the first letter, is the next 2 letters. This 2 letter will actually define the type of tool in each catergories. Sometimes the two letters are actually abbrieviations for certain german words. 


The Bosch GSB Model range, "SB" stands for "schlag bohrer". Which practically means "Impact Drill". For Germans, this is as easy as knowing what the product is just by the Model Number only!

You can check out the List of Model Letters on the Reference Table at the side for more information!








Bosch Decoded Model Description 1


After the first 3 letters is then followed by 2 more numbers that represent to an important specification or a certain data like Voltage, Motor Wattage, Drilling capacity, Disc sizes, etc.

These specification are important in establishing which tools are ideal for the different work application.

On the right side are some examples of the meaning of the numerical codes in some of Bosch models.