Choosing a Power Tool that is suited for you is important ! We always want to ensure that we are using the right tool for the Right Job! Here are some of the Following guide and general Information about the different type of Power Tools uses and also their Main application in different Situations:

1. Power Drills 

Speaking of Power Drill can make a beginnner confused and bewildered by the different type of models and which models are specifically used for which purpose. Check out the range of drill that are available in the Industry right now:

  • Drill Driver : A Drill Driver is a Drill that is more suitable for Drilling of Screws, Wood and Metal materials.
  • Impact Driver / Wrench : 
  • Screw Driver:
  • Impact / Percussion Drill:
  • Rotary Hammer:
  • Demolition Hammer:

2. Power Cutter or Saw

Cutting and Sawing application can be applied on many different situation and circumstances. Thus, Power Cutting and Sawing Tool are used to ensure that each project is completed at ease and efficiently.

  • Circular Saw
  • Cement / Tile Cutter
  • Jig Saw
  • Reciprocating Saw
  • Band Saw

3. Power Grinder/Buffer/Polisher

From Basic Automotive Detailing to Manufacturing and Heacy duty Machinery, Power Grinder or Polisher are used to allow project or application to be smooth to the tiniest details!

  • Electric Polisher
  • Electric Grinder
  • Electric Buffing Machine

4. Power Multi-Tool

A Power Multi-Tool is every DIY-er or Hobbyist Dream! A Multi-tool can do almost every job! from a small grinding or cutting of Drywall, a Multitool can do almost everything